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What are the advantages of this soccer shin guards?

  1. Protect your kids from harm in all directions: give children a safe protect while they are playing happily, shin guards for kids will be a good choice.
  2. ERGONOMIC STREAMLINE DESIGN: The soccer shin pads are shaped well to lower legs and won't pressure legs and the Shin guards do not shift while gameplaying.
  3. Kids soccer shin guards are great and easy to wear,They fit perfectly and are very comfortable, shin guards elastic band can adjust various appropriate lengths, it will not cause discomfort to the lower leg because it is too tight, nor will it fall off because it is loose, the shin guards are made of high-quality Velcro,which can be used repeatedly for a long time .

The above is the advantage of our protective gear, have it has a security guarantee


The applicable population of this product

This soccer shin guard is suitable for children and teenagers aged 6-12 years, and can be selected according to different needs. We have three styles of this style:

  1. Normal soccer shin guard
  2. Soccer Shin Guards with 2 Pair Sleeves
  3. Soccer Shin Guards with Ankle and Leg Calf Protection

This soccer shin guards are a great choice for boys and girls in the youth stage!

Also, it would be an impressive gift for your kids!

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