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So, I'm going to tell you a little bit about shuffleboard

Shuffleboard originated in England in the early 15th century.

At that time, people liked to play a game of pushing coins on the table, using a large silver coin, and the special shuffleboard gradually emerged to replace the silver coin.

This game is popular with all ages and is a good way to relax and pass time.

In the middle of the 20th century, shuffleboard, an ancient sport, showed new vitality and quickly became popular throughout Europe and America. Shuffleboard associations at all levels have been established in Europe and the United States, and three international shuffleboard competitions have been successfully held. The essential requirements of the game - skill, speed, power, variety and competition. There are two types of games: skill and fun. The game is for all ages, able-bodied and disabled alike

Because Shuffleboard game requires the table top to be very smooth, flat and wear resistant, and people have no better method, the table top is easy to be scratched, affecting the quality of the game. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the emergence of a high-tech technology has solved this problem. That is, the wooden surface of the table is added with a special process made of a very smooth and wear resistant coating. The breakthrough of this difficulty made a big step forward in the popularization of shuffleboard. Shuffleboard, an ancient game, also began to spread widely and gradually entered ordinary people's homes from senior places.

Shuffleboard is an important part of the entertainment industry in the United States. Because of its rich historical connotation, it is not a piece of historical relics collected in museums or an outdated game, but a way of life in people's leisure and entertainment, and it will also become a new game culture belonging to the future.


So what do you need to get ready to play shuffleboard?

  1. Shuffleboard table 2. Shuffleboard pucks Shuffleboard sand

Shuffleboard table consists of slide, table frame and scorer. There are two kinds of straight slide and rebound. It is divided into different sizes for different purposes or venues. In the straight sliding sand pot table, the two ends of the slide serve as the service area in turn, and the opposite end is the recording area. During the match, the competitors stand at one end of the table, and the opposite end is the service area.

Shuffleboard Pucks: It is made up of two parts, metal and plastic, and has two sets of different colors. Each set has 4 pucks in total of 8 pucks. The color of shuffleboard ball is red, blue, green, brown and orange. Standard pucks and professional pucks.

Spherical sand: Spherical particles of equal diameter made of chemical synthetic materials, about 0.3-0.4mm in diameter, whose function is to make the shuffleboard ball slide easily on the shuffleboard table. Ball sand can be divided into three kinds: fast sand, medium sand and slow sand, which are suitable for different specifications of sand pot table or competition requirements.


As one of the most important elements in the game of shuffleboard, there are many shops selling shuffleboard pucks and shuffleboard sand. Today I will introduce a popular shuffleboard pucks and shuffleboard sand : Zdgao Shuffleboard pucks and shuffleboard sand. Why do you recommend this brand? Firstly, because of the high sales volume of this brand, it is especially popular with the public. Secondly, the quality and after-sales service of this product are very good. The commonly used size of shuffleboard is sold by 2-1/8" (53mm) and 2-5/16" (58mm)  this brand. This premium shuffleboard pucks are made from hardened steel with a two-tone ABS top cover and high-strength chrome finish for durability.Shuffleboard sand is divided into two types: medium speed and high speed, which are suitable for different scenarios and give users different game experience. This shuffleboard wax is made of 100% silicone material, the particles are full and uniform in size, after special treatment, it will not agglomerate or damage any playground surface. Both shuffleboard sand can be purchased by Zdgao.

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