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How did we get our start?

 In recent years, with the rise of Frisbee sports, On the basis of the original Frisbee sport, SGSPORT has new sports bring more possibilities, making this game younger and more applicable.

A brief introduction to the game:

This Disc Golf , a combination of Frisbee and golf sports, to make the aristocratic golf sport for the people, because of the simple equipment and the combination of natural environment, is a national sport regardless of age, gender, and economic ability, Frisbee golf is one of the most rapid development of new sports in this century.


About the game play and techniques of the game:

The rules and play of disc golf are similar to golf. Simply put, the hand is directly used as the club, the disc is used as the ball, and the disc golf basket is used as the target. Like a golf course, the first round is usually thrown by the opening area using the long throw technique, just like the opening shot of a golf ball; After the frisbee lands and stops, the Frisbee is advanced to the target by using the accurate throwing technique. When the Frisbee is advanced to the target, the Frisbee is put into the target by using the knocking technique.

There are many throwing skills of disc golf, such as backhand throwing, far throwing, forehand throwing, bending disc, inverted disc, rolling disc, knocking rod and so on. Good disc golfers will choose different throwing techniques according to different situations.

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